Title: (δ,γ)-Jacobi-Dunkl Lipschitz Functions in the Space L2(R,Aα,β(x)dx)
Author(s): R. Daher, S. El Ouadih
Pages: 123-129
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R. Daher, S. El Ouadih, (δ,γ)-Jacobi-Dunkl Lipschitz Functions in the Space L2(R,Aα,β(x)dx), Int. J. Anal. Appl., 8 (2) (2015), 123-129.


Using a generalized Jacobi-Dunkl translation, we obtain an analog of Theorem 5.2 in Younis paper [7] for the Jacobi-Dunkl transform for functions satisfying the (δ,γ)-Jacobi-Dunkl Lipschitz condition in the space L2(R,Aα,β(x)dx), α ≥ β ≥−1/2, α ≠−1/2.

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