Table of Contents

Univalent Biharmonic Mappings and Linearly Connected Domains
Pages 1-8
Author(s): Zayid Abdulhadi, L. El Hajj
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Fixed Points of α-Admissible Mappings in Cone Metric Spaces with Banach Algebra
Pages 9-18
Author(s): S.K. Malhotra, J.B. Sharma, Satish Shukla
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Harmonic Analysis Associated with the Generalized Weinstein Operator
Pages 19-28
Author(s): Ahmed Abouelaz, Azz-edine Achak, Radouan Daher, El Mehdi Loualid
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Reverse of the Triangle Inequality in Hilbert C*-Modules
Pages 29-38
Author(s): Nordine Bounader, Abdellatif Abdellatif Chahbi, Samir Kabbaj
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Dunkl Lipschitz functions for the Generalized Fourier-Dunkl Transform in the Space L2
Pages 39-44
Author(s): R. Daher, S. El Ouadih, M. El Hamma
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Applications of Some Classes of Sequences on Approximation of Functions (Signals) by Almost Generalized Nörlund Means of Their Fourier Series
Pages 45-53
Author(s): Xhevat Z. Krasniqi
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Existence of Positive Solutions for a Coupled System of (p, q)-Laplacian Fractional Higher Order Boundary Value Problems
Pages 54-67
Author(s): K.R. Prasad, B.M.B. Krushna, L.T. Wesen
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