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Estimation of Different Entropies via Taylor One Point and Taylor Two Points Interpolations Using Jensen Type Functionals
Pages 686-710
Author(s): Tasadduq Niaz, Khuram Ali Khan, Dilda Pecaric, Josip Pecaric
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Generalized Statistical Convergence of Double Sequences in Paranormed Spaces
Pages 711-721
Author(s): Abdullah Alotaibi, Alaa Mohammed Aljahili, S.A. Mohiuddine
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Characterizations of Classes of Harmonic Convex Functions and Applications
Pages 722-733
Author(s): Imran Abbas Baloch, Manuel De La Sen, Imdat Iscan
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Fixed Point Theorems for Generalized F-Contractions and Generalized F-Suzuki-Contractions in Complete Dislocated Sb-Metric Spaces
Pages 734-751
Author(s): Hamid Mehravaran, Mahnaz Khanehgir, Reza Allahyari
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Direct Product of Finite Fuzzy Normal Subrings Over Non-Associative Rings
Pages 752-770
Author(s): Nasreen Kausar, Muhammad Azam Waqar
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Some Fixed Point Theorems in Menger Probabilistic Partial Metric Spaces with Application to Volterra Type Integral Equation
Pages 771-792
Author(s): Amir ‎Ghanenia, Mahnaz khanehgir, Reza Allahyari, Mohammad ‎Mehrabinezhad
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Hermite-Hadamard Type Inequalities for m-Convex and (α, m)-Convex Stochastic Processes
Pages 793-802
Author(s): Serap Ozcan
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Generalization of Bateman Polynomials
Pages 803-808
Author(s): Asad Ali, Muhammad Zafar Iqbal, Bilal Anwer, Ather Mehmood
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Bifurcation and Stability Analysis of a Discrete Time Sir Epidemic Model with Vaccination
Pages 809-820
Author(s): Özlem Ak Gümüş, A. George Maria Selvam, D. Abraham Vianny
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Properties of Operations for Fuzzy Soft Sets over Fully Up-Semigroups
Pages 821-837
Author(s): Akarachai Satirad, Aiyared Iampan
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Anemia Modelling Using the Multiple Regression Analysis
Pages 838-849
Author(s): Murat Sari, Arshed A. Ahmad
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Fixed Points of Non-Smooth Functions on Finite Dimensional Ordered Banach Spaces via Clarke Generalized Jacobian
Pages 850-863
Author(s): -- Zohari, -- Mardanbeigi
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Weak Non-associative Structures of Groups with Applications
Pages 864-878
Author(s): Shah Nawaz, Muhammad Gulistan, Naveed Yaqoob, Seifedine Kadry
Abstract | PDF

Computing Structured Singular Values for Sturm-Liouville Problems
Pages 879-891
Author(s): Mutti-Ur Rehman, Ghulam Abbas, Arshad Mehmood
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Hadamard And Fejer-Hadamard Type Inequalities for Convex and Relative Convex Functions via an Extended Generalized Mittag-Leffler Function
Pages 892-903
Author(s): Ghulam Farid, Vishnu Narayan Mishra, Sajid Mehmood
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