Table of Contents

Tripled Coincidence Points of Mappings in Partially Ordered 0-Complete Partial Metric Spaces
Pages 79-110
Author(s): Vesna Cojbasic Rajic
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Complex Oscillation of Solutions and Their Derivatives of Non-homogenous Linear Differential Equations in the Unit Disc
Pages 111-123
Author(s): Zinelaâbidine Latreuch, Benharrat BELAIDI
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Value Distribution and Uniqueness Theorems for Difference of Entire and Meromorphic Functions
Pages 124-136
Author(s): Subhas S. Bhoosnurmath, Smita R Kabbur
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Fixed Point and Common Fixed Point Theorems for ╬▒-Property in Cone Ball-Metric Spaces
Pages 137-146
Author(s): Rajesh Shrivastava, Rajendra Kumar Dubey, Pankaj Tiwari, Animesh Gupta
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Optimal Decision-Making in Fuzzy Economic Order Quantity (EOQ) Model under Restricted Space: A Non-Linear Programming Approach
Pages 147-161
Author(s): M. Pattnaik
Abstract | PDF

Pairwise SC Compact Spaces
Pages 162-172
Author(s): P. Padma, K.Chandrasekhara Rao, S. Udayakumar
Abstract | PDF

Fixed Point of Order 2 on G-Metric Space
Pages 173-177
Author(s): Animesh Gupta
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