Table of Contents

On Reciprocals Leap Indices of Graphs
Pages 1-19
Author(s): Ammar Alsinai, Anwar Alwardi, N.D. Soner
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Solution of Ambartsumian Delay Differential Equation in the q-Calculus
Pages 20-28
Author(s): Abdulaziz M. Alanazi, Abdelhalim Ebaid
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On Modelling and Pricing Weather Derivatives Driven by Nonlinear Brownian Motion
Pages 29-46
Author(s): Javed Hussain, Pervez Ali
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On Domination Topological Indices of Graphs
Pages 47-64
Author(s): A.M. Hanan Ahmed, Anwar Alwardi, M. Ruby Salestina
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On a New Constraint Reduction Heuristic Using Improved Bisection Method for Mixed Integer Linear Programming
Pages 65-76
Author(s): Hande G√ľnay Akdemir
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Exponential Stability for a Nonlinear Timoshenko System with Distributed Delay
Pages 77-90
Author(s): Lamine Bouzettouta, Fahima Hebhoub, Karima Ghennam, Sabrina Benferdi
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Soil Quality Prediction for Determining Soil Fertility in Bhimtal Block of Uttarakhand (India) Using Machine Learning
Pages 91-109
Author(s): Janmejay Pant, Pushpa Pant, R. P. Pant, Ashutosh Bhatt, Durgesh Pant, Amit Juyal
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Strong Solutions to 3D-Lagrangian Averaged Boussinesq System
Pages 110-122
Author(s): Ridha Selmi, Leila Azem
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On Subordination Results for Certain Classes of Analytic Functions of Reciprocal Order
Pages 123-137
Author(s): Muhammet Kamali, Alina Riskulova
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Some Results of Rational Contraction Mapping via Extended CF-Simulation Function in Metric-Like Space with Application
Pages 138-152
Author(s): Habes Alsamir
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Prediction Intervals for the First and Last Point in Future Sample Having from a New Bathtub Shape Failure Rate Life Time Model in the Presence of Outliers
Pages 153-164
Author(s): Ayed R.A. Alanzi
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