Title: Solutions of Fractional Diffusion Equations and Cattaneo-Hristov Diffusion Model
Author(s): Ndolane Sene
Pages: 191-207
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Ndolane Sene, Solutions of Fractional Diffusion Equations and Cattaneo-Hristov Diffusion Model, Int. J. Anal. Appl., 17 (2) (2019), 191-207.


The analytical solutions of the fractional diffusion equations in one and two-dimensional spaces have been proposed. The analytical solution of the Cattaneo-Hristov diffusion model with the particular boundary conditions has been suggested. In general, the numerical methods have been used to solve the fractional diffusion equations and the Cattaneo-Hristov diffusion model. The Laplace and the Fourier sine transforms have been used to get the analytical solutions. The analytical solutions of the classical diffusion equations and the Cattaneo-Hristov diffusion model obtained when the order of the fractional derivative converges to 1 have been recalled. The graphical representations of the analytical solutions of the fractional diffusion equations and the Cattaneo-Hristov diffusion model have been provided.

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