Aims and Scope

International Journal of Analysis and Applications is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes original research articles in all areas of analysis and its applications.
Topics included but not limited to:
Abstract harmonic analysis; Clifford analysis; Complex analysis; Computable analysis; Control and optimization; Convex analysis; Difference equations; Differential equations; Dynamical systems; Fourier analysis; Functional analysis; Inequalities; Geometric analysis; Mathematical biology; Miscellaneous applications of functional analysis; Multivariate analysis; Nonlinear functional analysis; Numerical analysis; Numerical methods in Fourier analysis; Operator theory; p-adic analysis; Partial differential equations; Real analysis; Stochastic analysis; Tropical analysis and all the other fields of their applications. 

Submission Policy

The manuscript submitted to IJAA should not have been published, and it is not under consideration for publication elsewhere. The submitting author is responsible for ensuring that the article’s publication has been approved by all the other coauthors and their institutions.

Peer Review Policy

The peer-review process is single blinded; that is, the reviewers know who the authors of the manuscript are, but the authors do not have access to the information of who the peer reviewers are.

Open Access Policy
This is an open access journal which means that all content is freely available without charge to the user or his/her institution.


Authors retain the copyright of their manuscripts, and all articles are distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License (CC BY 4.0), which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided that the original work is properly cited.

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Characterizations of Almost (τ1, τ2)-Continuous Functions

Chawalit Boonpok, Prapart Pue-on

Int. J. Anal. Appl., 22 (2024), 33

Practical Aspects for Applying Picard Iterations to the SIR Model Using Actual Data

I. K. Youssef, M. Khalifa Saad, Ali Dumlu, Somia A. Asklany

Int. J. Anal. Appl., 22 (2024), 32

A Kinetic Non-Steady-State Analysis of Immobilized Enzyme Systems Without External Mass Transfer Resistance

M. Sivakumar, M. Mallikarjuna, R. Senthamarai

Int. J. Anal. Appl., 22 (2024), 31

Application of Deep Belief Network in Weather Modeling: PM2.5 Concentration in Thailand

Wandee Wanishsakpong, Suwanna Atsawachanakan, Thammarat Panityakul

Int. J. Anal. Appl., 22 (2024), 30

A Class of Non-Bazilevic Functions Subordinate to Gegenbauer Polynomials

Waleed Al-Rawashdeh

Int. J. Anal. Appl., 22 (2024), 29

Tripled Fixed Point Approaches and Hyers-Ulam Stability With Applications

Hasanen A. Hammad, Hassen Aydi, Manuel De la Sen

Int. J. Anal. Appl., 22 (2024), 27

Single-Valued Neutrosophic Ideal Approximation Spaces

Yaser Saber, Mohamed Abusalih, Esam Bader, Tawfik Elmasry, Abdelaziz Babiker, Florentin Smarandache

Int. J. Anal. Appl., 22 (2024), 26

Optimal Quadrature Formula of Hermite Type in the Space of Differentiable Functions

Khalmatvay Shadimetov, Farxod Nuraliev, Shaxobiddin Kuziev

Int. J. Anal. Appl., 22 (2024), 25

Modified Intuitionistic Quantum Fuzzy Operators for Binary Optimization Problems

Thammarat Panityakul, Ronnason Chinram

Int. J. Anal. Appl., 22 (2024), 24

The Exact Norm of Modified Hardy Operator in Power-Weighted Lebesgue Spaces

Pebrudal Zanu, Wono Setya Budhi, Yudi Soeharyadi

Int. J. Anal. Appl., 22 (2024), 23

Generalization of Homotopy Analysis Method for q-Fractional Non-linear Differential Equations

B. Madhavi, G. Suresh Kumar, S. Nagalakshmi, T. S. Rao

Int. J. Anal. Appl., 22 (2024), 22

On the Spectral Theory of Regularized Quasi-Semigroups

Youness Zahouan

Int. J. Anal. Appl., 22 (2024), 21

Fixed Point Set and Equivariant Map of a S-Topological Transformation Group

C. Rajapandiyan, V. Visalakshi

Int. J. Anal. Appl., 22 (2024), 20

A Hybrid Laplace Transform-Optimal Homotopy Asymptotic Method (LT-OHAM) for Solving Integro-Differential Equations of the Second Kind

Mohammad Almousa, Ahmad Al-Hammouri, Suhaila Saidat, Sultan Alsaadi, Ghada Banihani

Int. J. Anal. Appl., 22 (2024), 17

Sufficient Reduction Method for Bivariate Zero-Inflated Poisson Process

Sawaporn Hinsheranan

Int. J. Anal. Appl., 22 (2024), 16

Fear and Hunting Cooperation's Impact on the Eco-Epidemiological Model's Dynamics

Nabaa Hassain Fakhry, Raid Kamel Naji

Int. J. Anal. Appl., 22 (2024), 15

Global Stability of a Delayed Model for the Interaction of SARS-CoV-2/ACE2 and Adaptive Immunity

A. M. Elaiw, A. S. Alsulami, A. D. Hobiny

Int. J. Anal. Appl., 22 (2024), 14

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