Title: Class of (n, m)-Power-D-Hyponormal Operators in Hilbert Space
Author(s): Cherifa Chellali, Abdelkader Benali
Pages: 774-783
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Cherifa Chellali, Abdelkader Benali, Class of (n, m)-Power-D-Hyponormal Operators in Hilbert Space, Int. J. Anal. Appl., 18 (5) (2020), 774-783.


In this paper, we introduce a new classes of operators acting on a complex Hilbert space H, denoted by [(n, m)DH], called (n, m)-power-D-hyponormal associated with a Drazin inversible operator using its Drazin inverse. Some proprieties of (n, m)-power-D-hyponormal, are investigated with some examples.

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