A Discrete Analog of Inverted Topp-Leone Distribution: Properties, Estimation and Applications

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Ahmed Sedky Eldeeb
Muhammad Ahsan-Ul-Haq
Ayesha Babar


In this study, a discrete inverted Topp-Leone (DITL) distribution is proposed by utilizing the survival discretization approach. The proposed distribution's mathematical features were derived. The maximum likelihood (ML), method of least squares (LS), weighted least squares (WLS), and Cramer Von-Mises (CVM) estimation techniques were used to estimate the parameter. The theoretical results of the ML, LS, WLS, and CVM estimators were demonstrated via a comprehensive simulation study. The proposed DITL distribution has been applied to analyze two count data sets number of deaths due to Covid-19 in Pakistan and India and the findings show the relevance of the proposed distribution.

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