Title: An Analog of Titchmarsh's Theorem for the Jacobi-Dunkl Transform in the Space L2α,β(R)
Author(s): A. Abouelaz, A. Belkhadir, R. Daher
Pages: 15-21
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A. Abouelaz, A. Belkhadir, R. Daher, An Analog of Titchmarsh's Theorem for the Jacobi-Dunkl Transform in the Space L2α,β(R), Int. J. Anal. Appl., 8 (1) (2015), 15-21.


In this paper, using a generalized Jacobi-Dunkl translation operator, we prove an analog of Titchmarsh's theorem  for functions satisfying the Jacobi-Dunkl Lipschitz  condition in $ L^{2}(\R,A_{\alpha ,\beta}(t)dt), \alpha \geq \beta\geq-\frac{1}{2}, \alpha \neq -\frac{1}{2}.$

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