Analysis of Parameters Used for Measuring Performance of Mobile Applications

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Durga Sowjanya Kolluru
P. Bhaskara Reddy


To make mobile application more reliable, performance is most important parameter. Resource management plays crucial role inside development of mobile application. Careful attention should be required for number of non-functional requirements to achieve ultimate goal of mobile application development. Mobile application and its impact on market are analyzed by performance evaluation process. For getting better performance, efficient utilization of physical resources is required. These resources provide actionable information to application developer for optimizing performance and increases efficiency during development cycle. Due to limited processing power and memory resources, keep hardware components always in running states. But slow applications drain batteries of their devices. To maximize utilization of resources, developers should consider hardware limitations too which make an effort to optimize performance and efficiency of application. This paper presents a qualitative performance analysis of mobile applications. This paper describes factors considered for analyzing performance and corrective measures to achieve better performance.

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