Analytical Solution of Nonlinear Fractional Gradient-Based System Using Fractional Power Series Method

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Radwan Abu-Gdairi


This paper adapted a reliable treatment technique, called the fractional residual power series, to the fractional gradient-based system in solving a class of nonlinear programming model in Caputo’s sense. The gradient-based system has been constructed to transform the nonlinear programming problem with equality constraints to unconstrained optimization problem, and then the fractional residual power series method is implemented to obtain the essential behavior of underlying problem. The proposed methods have been applied effectively to produce optimal solution in rapidly convergent fractional series representations without linearization, or any limitations. To confirm the performance of the proposed methods, some optimization problems are tested. Further, numerical comparisons with other existing methods are also given. The results exhibit that the FRPS method is easy, simple, effective, and fully compatible with the complexity of such models.

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