Estimation of Finite Population Mean by Utilizing the Auxiliary and Square of the Auxiliary Information

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Saddam Hussain, Anum Iftikhar, Kleem Ullah, Gulnaz Atta, Usman Ali, Ulfat Parveen, Muhammad Yasir Arif, Ather Qayyum


This article fundamentally aims at the proposition of new family of estimators using auxiliary information to assist the estimation of finite population mean of the study variable. The objectives are achieved by devising dual use of supplementary information through straightforward manner. The additional information is injected in mean estimating procedure by considering squared values of auxiliary variable. The utility of the proposed scheme is substantiated by providing rigorous comparative account of the newly materialized structure with the well celebrated existing family of Grover and Kaur (2014). The contemporary advents of the new family are documented throughout the article.

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