Neutrosophic Generalized Exponential Robust Ratio Type Estimators

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Yashpal Singh Raghav


Estimators proposed under classical statistics fail if data are vague or indeterminate. Neutrosophic Statistics are the only alternative because its deal with indeterminacy. Extensive reserch has been conducted in this field because of its wide applicability. This study aimed to further develop the theory of neutosophic simple random sampling without replacement. In this study, a generalized neutrosophic exponential robust ratio-type estimator was proposed, and five of its member neutrosophic estimators were developed. Derivations of  the bias and Mean Square Error were provided up to the first-order approximation. To demonstrate the high efficiency of the proposed neutrosophic estimators an empirical study on the stock price of Moderna and four simulation studies have been conducted, and the results show that the proposed neutrosophic estimators are more efficient than similar existing ratio type estimators discussed in this paper in neutrosophic as well as classical forms.

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