The New Dagum-X Family of Distributions: Properties and Applications

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Amani S. Alghamdi, Huda Alghamdi, Aisha Fayomi


Various statistical distributions are still being used extensively over the previous decades for modeling data in numerous areas such as engineering, sciences, and finance. Nonetheless, in a lot of applied areas, there is a continuous need for expanded forms of these distributions. However, many common distributions do not fit the data well. Thus, new distributions have been constructed in literature. The purpose of this article is to present a new family of distributions using the Dagum distribution as a generator and to study its properties such as hazard rate functions, moments, quantile function, ordered statistics and Renyi entropy. Moreover, one sub model called Dagum-Frechet distribution is discussed with some of its properties. The maximum likelihood estimation is employed to estimate the parameters of the proposed distribution, and the confidence intervals are obtained. Finally, two real data sets are analyzed to illustrate the performance of the purposed distribution.

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