Investigation Factors of Brand Personality Affecting on Purchase Intentions Towards Authentic Agricultural Products in Vietnam

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Tuong-Vi Thi Tran, Quang Nhut Ho, Nhu-Ty Nguyen, Truong-Phuc Le, Hoai-Anh Duc Nguyen


This study investigates how theoretical framework for brand personality ([1]) influence on authentic agricultural products purchase intention. The model is operationalized by a quantitative method process with SPSS and AMOS software. The survey was completed by 627 persons. Multiple regression demonstrated the factors of brand personality, brand equity; brand authenticity are important predictors of consumer purchase intention for authentic agricultural products. Consumer preference as the intermediator, with a positive weight, explains the purchase intention. The results are also analyzed in different circumstances by monthly income and residence area in Vietnam. This study helps marketers examined how Vietnamese customers view their brands and their rivals therefore what competitors of these authentic agricultural brands can do to enhance the customer purchase intention. The purchase intention findings may be used to identify those brand personality attributes that appear to be most essential in explaining customer preferences.

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