Valuing European Option Under Double 3/2-Volatility Jump-Diffusion Model With Stochastic Interest Rate and Stochastic Intensity Under Approximative Fractional Brownian Motion

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Siham Bayad, Abdelmajid El Hajaj, Khalid Hilal


In this study, we propose a more comprehensive and realistic option pricing model based on approximative fractional Brownian motion, building upon recent advancements in this area. Specifically, we utilize the double 3/2-volatility Jump-Diffusion model, which incorporates approximative fractional Brownian motion with 3/2-volatility, stochastic interest rate, and stochastic intensity. To account for the stochastic interest rate, we employ a two-factor Vasicek model. Notably, our model accommodates negative interest rates. Consequently, we develop a multi-factor model with a stochastic interest rate structure for pricing European options and derive a closed-form pricing formula with an analytical solution by applying some algebraic calculations and Lie symmetries. In order to demonstrate the superiority of our proposed model over other classical approaches, we present numerical results that showcase the value of a European call option. This comparative analysis underscores the advantages of our model in comparison to traditional models.

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