New Auxiliary Principle Technique for General Harmonic Directional Variational Inequalities

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A. A. Alshejari, M. A. Noor, K. I. Noor


This paper explores the utilisation of harmonic variational inequalities to establish the minimum value among two locally Lipschitz continuous harmonic convex functions. This investigation introduces novel classes of harmonic directed variational inequalities, particularly focusing on scenarios like harmonic complementarity and related optimization challenges. The study proposes and analyses various inertial iterative strategies for addressing harmonic directed variational inequalities through the auxiliary principle technique. It examines convergence criteria under specific weak conditions, emphasising the simplicity of the approach compared to other methodologies. The findings presented herein have broad applicability in the context of harmonic variational inequalities and optimization problems, though they are limited to theoretical exploration. Further research is required to implement these strategies numerically.

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