Title: Two-Point Fuzzy Ostrowski Type Inequalities
Author(s): Muhammad Amer Latif, Sabir Hussain
Pages: 35-46
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Muhammad Amer Latif, Sabir Hussain, Two-Point Fuzzy Ostrowski Type Inequalities, Int. J. Anal. Appl., 3 (1) (2013), 35-46.


Two-point fuzzy Ostrowski type inequalities are proved for fuzzy Hölder and fuzzy differentiable functions. The two-point fuzzy Ostrowski type inequality for M-lipshitzian mappings is also obtained. It is proved that only the two-point fuzzy Ostrowski type inequality for M-lipshitzian mappings is sharp and as a consequence generalize the two-point fuzzy Ostrowski type inequalities obtained for fuzzy differentiable functions.

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