Title: Almost Periodic Solutions for Impulsive Fractional Stochastic Evolution Equations
Author(s): Toufik Guendouzi, Lamia Bousmaha
Pages: 28-43
Cite as:
Toufik Guendouzi, Lamia Bousmaha, Almost Periodic Solutions for Impulsive Fractional Stochastic Evolution Equations, Int. J. Anal. Appl., 6 (1) (2014), 28-43.


In this paper, we consider the existence of square-mean piecewise almost periodic solutions for impulsive fractional stochastic evolution equations involving Caputo fractional derivative. The main results are obtained by means of the theory of operators semi-group, fractional calculus, fixed point technique and stochastic analysis theory and methods adopted directly from deterministic fractional equations. Some known results are improved and generalized.

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