Title: On p-Valently Meromorphic-Strongly Starlike and Convex Functions
Author(s): Rahim Kargar, Ali Ebadian, Janusz Sokol
Pages: 62-65
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Rahim Kargar, Ali Ebadian, Janusz Sokol, On p-Valently Meromorphic-Strongly Starlike and Convex Functions, Int. J. Anal. Appl., 12 (1) (2016), 62-65.


In this paper, we obtain sufficient conditions for analytic function $f(z)$ in the punctured unit disk to be $p$-valently meromorphic-strongly starlike and $p$-valently meromorphic-strongly convex of order $\beta$ and type $\alpha$. Some interesting corollaries of the results presented here are also discussed.

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