Title: Dunkl Generalization of q-Parametric Szasz-Mirakjan Operators
Author(s): M. Mursaleen, Md. Nasiruzzaman, A.A.H. Al-Abied
Pages: 206-215
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M. Mursaleen, Md. Nasiruzzaman, A.A.H. Al-Abied, Dunkl Generalization of q-Parametric Szasz-Mirakjan Operators, Int. J. Anal. Appl., 13 (2) (2017), 206-215.


In this paper, we construct q-parametric Szász-Mirakjan operators generated by the q-Dunkl generalization of the exponential function. We obtain Korovkin’s type approximation theorem and compute convergence of these operators by using the modulus of continuity. Furthermore, we obtain the rate of convergence of these operators for functions belonging to the Lipschitz class.

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