Study of the Blow Up of the Maximal Solution to the Three-Dimensional Magnetohydrodynamic System in Lei-Lin-Gevrey Spaces

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Ridha Selmi, Jamel Benameur


In this paper, we investigate existence, uniqueness and blowup in finite time of the local solution to the three dimensional magnetohydrodynamic system, in Gevrey-Lei-Lin spaces. To prove the blowup results and give the blow profile as a function of time, two key points are used. The first is a frequency decomposition of the spectrum of the initial data. This allows to use Leray theory. The second is a technical lemma we proved to state that the Lei-Lin space is an interpolation space between the Gevrey-Lei-Lin and the Lebesgue square integrable functions spaces. To prove uniqueness, we use a penalization procedure and energy methods. About existence, we split the initial condition into low frequencies part and high frequencies part. The former are considered as initial data to the linear part of the system. The latter will be taken as small as needed, so that smallness theory applies and allows to run a fixed point argument.

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