On Tripolar Fuzzy Pure Ideals in Ordered Semigroups

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Nuttapong Wattanasiripong, Jirapong Mekwian, Hataikhan Sanpan, Somsak Lekkoksung


Tripolar fuzzy sets are a concept that deals with tripolar information. This idea is a generalization of bipolar and intuitionistic fuzzy sets. In this paper, the notions of tripolar fuzzy pure ideals in ordered semigroups are introduced, and some algebraic properties of tripolar fuzzy pure ideals are studied. We obtain some characterizations of weakly regular ordered semigroups in terms of tripolar fuzzy pure ideals. Finally, we introduce the concepts of tripolar weakly pure ideals and prove that the tripolar fuzzy ideals are tripolar weakly pure ideals if such tripolar fuzzy ideals satisfy the idempotent property.

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