A Novel Approach for Digital Image Compression in Some Fixed Point Results on Complete G-metric Space Using Comparison Function

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R. Anna Thirumalai, S. Thalapathiraj


In the present time world, digital images are crucial for various applications, that includes the medical industry, aircraft and satellite imaging, underwater imaging and so on. For this huge quantities of digital images are produced and used by these applications. For a variety of reasons, these images also need to be transmitted and stored. Therefore, a technique known as compression is applied to resolve this storage issue while transmitting these images. In this article, by extending some unique fixed point theorem results for comparison function on a complete symmetric G-metric space are used and it is a new approach. Moreover, this paper focuses on a compression method using the new structure of extended G-contraction mapping as it assists in compressing the size of the image. Thus, grayscale images are compressed using extended G-contraction mapping. And thus, grayscale images can be represented as matrices in this structure (pixel values). Also, similar images of reduced size can be obtained using an appropriate matrix G-metric and extended G-contraction mapping. The size of the matrix can be substantially reduced without losing any quality by controlling the order of sub matrices. These images are easy to store and transmit, with little variation between the original and contracted image.

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