Topological Evaluation of Four Para-Line Graphs Absolute Pentacene Graphs Using Topological Indices

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Mukhtar Ahmad, Muhammad Jafar Hussain, Gulnaz Atta, Sajid Raza, Irfan Waheed, Ather Qayyum


A real-number to molecular structure mapping is a topological index. It is a graph invariant method for describing physico-chemical properties of molecular structures specific substances. In that article, We examined pentacene’s chemical composition. The research on the subsequent indices is reflected in our paper, we conducted an analysis of several indices including general randic connectivity index, first general zagreb index, general sum-connectivity index, atomic bond connectivity index, geometric-arithmetic index, fifth class of geometric-arithmetic indices, hyper-zagreb index, first and second multiple zagreb indices for a four para-lines graphs of linear [n]-pentacene and multi-pentacene.

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