Representation of ABA’s by Sections of Sheaves

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R. Chudamani, K. Rama Prasad, K. Krishna Rao, U.M. Swamy


An Almost Boolean Algebra (A, ∧, ∨, 0) (abbreviated as ABA) is an Almost Distributive Lattice (ADL) with a maximal element in which for any x∈A, there exists y∈A such that x∧y = 0 and x∨y is a maximal element in A. If (S, Π, X) is a sheaf of nontrivial discrete ADL’s over a Boolean space such that for any global section f, support of f is open, then it is proved that the set Γ(X, S) of all global sections is an ABA. Conversely, it is proved that every ABA is isomorphic to the ADL of global sections of a suitable sheaf of discrete ADL’s over a Boolean space.

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