Almost Pseudo Symmetric Kähler Manifolds Admitting Conformal Ricci-Yamabe Metric

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Sunil Kumar Yadav, Abdul Haseeb, Nargis Jamal


The novelty of the paper is to investigate the nature of conformal Ricci-Yamabe soliton on almost pseudo symmetric, almost pseudo Bochner symmetric, almost pseudo Ricci symmetric and almost pseudo Bochner Ricci symmetric Kähler manifolds. Also, we explore the harmonic aspects of conformal η-Ricci-Yamabe soliton on Kähler spcetime manifolds with a harmonic potential function f and deduce the necessary and sufficient conditions for the 1-form η, which is the g-dual of the vector field ξ on such spacetime to be a solution of Schrödinger-Ricci equation.

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