Steinhaus Type Theorem for Nörlund-(M, λn) and Nörlund-Euler-(M, λn) Methods of Summability in Non-Archimedean Fields

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E. Muthu Meena Lakshmanan, K. Suja


In the present research paper, an investigation is undertaken of Steinhaus type theorems for Nörlund-(M, λn) and Nörlund-Euler(M, λn) method of summability in K, a complete non-trivially valued Non-Archimedean field. The conditions for statistical summability for those matrices are discussed in such fields K. The consistency of Nörlund-(M, λn) method of summability is investigated when different sequences are used in the summation process. Further, the relation between Nörlund-Euler(M, λn) summable and its statistical summability is also established.

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