On Crossed Product Rings Over p.q.-Baer and Quasi-Baer Rings

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Eltiyeb Ali


In this paper, we consider a ring R and a monoid M equipped with a twisting map f: M×M -> U(R) and an action map ω: M -> Aut(R). The main objective of our study is to investigate the conditions under which the crossed product structure R⋊M is p.q.-Baer and quasi-Baer rings, and how this property relates to the p.q.-Baer property of R and the existence of a generalized join in I(R) for M-indexed subsets, where I(R) denotes the set of ideals of R. Additionally, we prove a connection between R being a left p.q.-Baer ring and the CM-quasi-Armendariz property. Moreover, we prove that for any element φ2=φ, there exist an idempotent element e2=e such that φ = ce. We then prove that R is quasi-Baer if and only if the crossed product structure R⋊M is quasi-Baer. Finally, we present novel results regarding various constructions for crossed products.

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