Exploring the Remarkable Properties of the Double Sadik Transform and Its Applications to Fractional Caputo Partial Differential Equations

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Prapart Pue-on


The Double Sadik Transform (DST) represents a generalized double integral transform that has emerged as a highly effective analytical technique for solving numerous scientific problems. This study aims to investigate the DST applied to elementary functions and explore its notable properties, including its duality with the Double Laplace Transform and its capability to transform shifting functions, periodic functions, and convolution functions. Furthermore, the DST methodology is employed to resolve prominent linear fractional Caputo partial differential equations with known solutions commonly encountered in diverse mathematical models. The obtained outcomes are expressed in exact closed form, with the most precise results articulated through the Mittag-Leffler function. These results serve to validate the effectiveness and efficiency of the DST approach, establishing it as a valuable tool for addressing scientific problems involving fractional calculus.

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