Connectedness in Single-Valued Neutrosophic Soft Grill Topological Spaces

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Yaser Saber


The incentive of this article is to continue discovering more interesting results and concepts related to the single-valued neutrosophic soft topological spaces. The concept of the single-valued neutrosophic soft operator φ created from a single-valued neutrosophic soft grill (Kσ, Kτ, Kδ) and a single-valued neutrosophic soft topological space (B, ~T~σ, ~T~ς, ~T~δ) is presented. Connectedness of single-valued neutrosophic soft topological spaces with single-valued neutrosophic soft grills is given. Moreover, the concept of γ-connectedness associated with a single-valued neutrosophic soft operator γ is extended on the set B.

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