Table of Contents

Some Notes on Error Analysis for Kernel Based Regularized Interpolation
Pages 689-698
Author(s): Qing Zou
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A Study on Millennial Generation in Vietnam on the Factors to Motivate Employees
Pages 699-717
Author(s): Nhu-Ty Nguyen, Luong-Hoai-Thuong Pham
Abstract | PDF

Spherical-Radial Multipliers on the Heisenberg Group
Pages 718-723
Author(s): M.E. Egwe
Abstract | PDF

He’s Variational Iteration Method for Solving Multi-Dimensional of Navier Stokes Equation
Pages 724-737
Author(s): Mohamed Zellal, Kacem Belghaba
Abstract | PDF

New Approach of MHD Boundary Layer Flow Towards a Porous Stretching Sheet via Symmetry Analysis and the Generalized Exp-Function Method
Pages 738-747
Author(s): A.A. Gaber, M.H. Shehata
Abstract | PDF

The Existence Result of Renormalized Solution for Nonlinear Parabolic System with Variable Exponent and L1 Data
Pages 748-773
Author(s): Fairouz Souilah, Messaoud Maouni, Kamel Slimani
Abstract | PDF

Class of (n, m)-Power-D-Hyponormal Operators in Hilbert Space
Pages 774-783
Author(s): Cherifa Chellali, Abdelkader Benali
Abstract | PDF

Sufficiency and Duality for Interval-Valued Optimization Problems with Vanishing Constraints Using Weak Constraint Qualifications
Pages 784-798
Author(s): Izhar Ahmad, Krishna Kummari, S. Al-Homidan
Abstract | PDF

A New Generalized Exponential Distribution: Properties and Applications
Pages 799-818
Author(s): Jawad Hussain Ashraf, Munir Ahmad, A. Khalique, Zafar Iqbal
Abstract | PDF

Union soft set theory applied to ordered semigroups
Pages 819-837
Author(s): Raees Khan, Asghar Khan, Muhammad Uzair Khan, Nasir Khan
Abstract | PDF

Surfaces as Graphs of Finite Type in H2 × R
Pages 838-848
Author(s): Ahmed Azzi, Zoubir Hanifi, Mohammed Bekkar
Abstract | PDF

On Some Subclasses of Strongly Starlike Analytic Functions
Pages 849-858
Author(s): El Moctar Ould Beiba
Abstract | PDF

New types of bipolar fuzzy ideals of BCK-algebras
Pages 859-875
Author(s): G. Muhiuddin, D. Al-Kadi, A. Mahboob, K.P. Shum
Abstract | PDF

Formative Vs. Reflective Measurement Model: Guidelines for Structural Equation Modeling Research
Pages 876-889
Author(s): Mohd Hafiz Hanafiah
Abstract | PDF

Applicable Solution for a Class of Ordinary Differential Equations with Singularity
Pages 890-899
Author(s): N. Ameer Ahamad
Abstract | PDF


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