Table of Contents

L-Dunford–Pettis and Almost L-Dunford–Pettis Sets in Dual Banach Lattices
Pages 149-161
Author(s): Halimeh Ardakani, Manijeh Salimi
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Periodic and Nonnegative Periodic Solutions of Nonlinear Neutral Dynamic Equations on a Time Scale
Pages 162-177
Author(s): Manel Gouasmia, Abdelouaheb Ardjouni, Ahcene Djoudi
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On Giaccardi's Inequality and Associated Functional in the Plane
Pages 178-192
Author(s): Atiq Ur Rehman, M. Hassaan Akbar, G. Farid
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Some Properties of Special Magnetic Curves
Pages 193-208
Author(s): H. S. Abdel-Aziz, M. Khalifa Saad, Haytham A. Ali
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On Generalized Local Property of $|A;\delta|_{k}$-Summability of Factored Fourier Series
Pages 209-221
Author(s): B. B. Jena, Vandana --, S. K. Paikray, U. K. Misra
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Quasi-Almost Lacunary Statistical Convergence of Sequences of Sets
Pages 222-231
Author(s): Esra Gulle, Ugur Ulusu
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Stability of Euler-Lagrange-Jensen’s (a,b)- Sextic Functional Equation in Multi-Banach Spaces
Pages 232-238
Author(s): John Michael Rassias, R. Murali, A. Antony Raj
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New Subclass of Analytic Functions in Conical Domain Associated with Ruscheweyh q-Differential Operator
Pages 239-253
Author(s): Shahid Khan, Saqib Hussain, Muhammad Asad Zaighum, Muhammad Mumtaz Khan
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Curvature Dependent Energy of Surface Curves in Minkowski Space
Pages 254-263
Author(s): Talat Korpınar, Rıdvan Cem Demirkol, Vedat Asil
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Existence and Uniqueness of Mild Solutions for the Damped Burgers Equation in Weighted Sobolev Spaces on the Half Line
Pages 264-275
Author(s): Mohammadreza Foroutan, Ali Ebadian
Abstract | PDF

On Fuzzy Ordered LA-Semihypergroups
Pages 276-289
Author(s): Muhammad Azar, Muhammad Gulistan, Naveed Yaqoob, Seifedine Kadry
Abstract | PDF

An Approximation of Fuzzy Numbers Based on Polynomial Form Fuzzy Numbers
Pages 290-305
Author(s): Sh. Yeganehmanesh, M. Amirfakhrian
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