Table of Contents

On The Stabilization of the Linear Kawahara Equation with Periodic Boundary Conditions
Pages 96-103
Author(s): Patricia N. da Silva, Carlos F. Vasconcellos
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A Spectral Analysis of Linear Operator Pencils on Banach Spaces with Application to Quotient of Bounded Operators
Pages 104-128
Author(s): Bekkai Messirdi, Abdellah Gherbi, Mohamed Amouch
Abstract | PDF

Analysis of Discrete Mittag - Leffler Functions
Pages 129-144
Author(s): N. Shobanadevi, J. Jagan Mohan
Abstract | PDF

Best approximation of the Dunkl Multiplier Operators Tk,ℓ,m
Pages 145-152
Author(s): Fethi Soltani
Abstract | PDF

On a Type of Projective Semi- Symmetric Connection
Pages 153-161
Author(s): S. K. Pal, M. K. Pandey, R. N. Singh
Abstract | PDF

On The Iterated Exponent of Convergence of Solutions of Linear Differential Equations
Pages 162-170
Author(s): Abdallah EL FARISSI
Abstract | PDF

The S-Transform on Hardy Spaces and Its Duals
Pages 171-178
Author(s): Sunil Kumar Singh, Baby Kalita
Abstract | PDF

Existence Result for Nonlinear Initial Value Problems Involving the Difference of Two Monotone Functions
Pages 179-184
Author(s): J.A. Nanware
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