Table of Contents

Continuous and Discrete Wavelet Transforms Associated with Hermite Transform
Pages 531-549
Author(s): C. P. Pandey, Pranami Phukan
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On q-Mocanu Type Functions Associated with q-Ruscheweyh Derivative Operator
Pages 550-558
Author(s): Khalida Inayat Noor, Shujaat Ali Shah
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Robustifying Forecast Performance Through Hybridized Arima-Garch-Type Modeling in a Discrete-Time Stochastic Series
Pages 559-571
Author(s): Imoh Udo Moffat, Emmanuel Alphonsus Akpan
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Micro Separation Axioms
Pages 572-585
Author(s): Hariwan Z. Ibrahim
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On Some New Contractive Conditions for Asymptotically Regular Set-Valued Mappings
Pages 586-593
Author(s): Pradip Debnath, Manuel de La Sen
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Analyzing the Case of VietJet Air to Assess the Vietnamese Customers’ Airline Brand Equity: An Empirical Research Study
Pages 594-613
Author(s): Nhu-Ty Nguyen
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On Janowski Close-to-Convex Functions Associated with Conic Regions
Pages 614-623
Author(s): Afis Saliu, Khalida Inayat Noor
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On the Normality of the Product of Tow Operators in Hilbert Space
Pages 624-632
Author(s): Benali Abdelkader, Mohammed Meziane, Mohammed Hichem Mortad
Abstract | PDF

Pair (F, h) upper class on some fixed point results in probabilistic Menger space
Pages 633-643
Author(s): Sh. Jafari, M. Shams, A. H. Ansari, M. De La Sen
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A Commutative and Compact Derivations for W* Algebras
Pages 644-662
Author(s): Abdelgabar Adam Hassan, Mohammad Jawed
Abstract | PDF

Invariant Summability and Unconditionally Cauchy Series
Pages 663-671
Author(s): Nimet Pancaroglu Akin
Abstract | PDF

Geometric Singularities of the Poisson’s Equation in a Non-Smooth Domain with Applications of Weighted Sobolev Spaces
Pages 672-688
Author(s): Yasir Nadeem Anjam
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