Table of Contents

Ideals on Generalized Topological Spaces
Pages 149-160
Author(s): Fahad Alsharari
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Analysis of Quasistatic Frictional Contact Problem with Subdifferential Form, Unilateral Condition and Long-Term Memory
Pages 161-171
Author(s): A. Ourahmoun, B. Bouderah, T. Serrar
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A Note on Generalized Indexed Product Summability
Pages 172-182
Author(s): A. Mishra, B. P. Padhy, B. K. Majhi, U. K. Misra
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Birkhoff Normal Forms for Born-Oppenheimer Operators
Pages 183-193
Author(s): Nawel Latigui, Bekkai Messirdi, Kaoutar Ghomari
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Nonlinear (m, p)-Isometric And (2, p)-Concave Mappings on Complex Normed Spaces
Pages 194-211
Author(s): El Moctar Ould Beiba, Aydah Mohammed Ayed Al-Ahmadi
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Attitudes and Repurchase Intention of Consumers Towards Functional Foods in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Pages 212-242
Author(s): Nhu-Ty Nguyen
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The Analytical Solution of Telegraph Equation of Space-Fractional Order Derivative by the Aboodh Transform Method
Pages 243-253
Author(s): Mohamed Elarbi Benattia, Kacem Belghaba
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Certain Subfamily of Harmonic Functions Related to Salagean q-Differential Operator
Pages 254-261
Author(s): Sh. Najafzadeh, Deborah Olufunmilayo Makinde
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Semiclassical Resonances via Meromorphy of the Resolvent and the S-Matrix
Pages 262-276
Author(s): Soumia Belmouhoub, Bekkai Messirdi, Abderrahmane Senoussaoui
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Fuzzy Ideals on Ordered AG-Groupoids
Pages 277-303
Author(s): Nasreen Kausar, Meshari Alesemi, -- Salahuddin
Abstract | PDF

N Wave and Periodic Wave Solutions for Burgers Equations
Pages 304-318
Author(s): Zahia Nouri, Saida Bendaas, Houssem Eddine Kadem
Abstract | PDF

Generalizations of Minkowski and Beckenbach–Dresher Inequalities and Functionals on Time Scales
Pages 319-331
Author(s): Rabia Bibi, Anees Ur Rahman, Muhammad Shahzad
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