International Journal of Analysis and Applications is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes original research articles in all areas of analysis and its applications.
Topics included but not limited to:
Abstract harmonic analysis; Clifford analysis; Complex analysis; Computable analysis; Control and optimization; Convex analysis; Difference equations; Differential equations; Dynamical systems; Fourier analysis; Functional analysis; Inequalities; Geometric analysis; Mathematical biology; Miscellaneous applications of functional analysis; Multivariate analysis; Nonlinear functional analysis; Numerical analysis; Numerical methods in Fourier analysis; Operator theory; p-adic analysis; Partial differential equations; Real analysis; Stochastic analysis; Tropical analysis and all the other fields of their applications.

Vol 17, No 1

Table of Contents

Controlled ∗-G-Frames and ∗-G-Multipliers in Hilbert Pro-C∗-Modules
Pages 1-13
Author(s): Zahra Ahmadi Moosavi, Akbar Nazari
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On I-Asymptotically Lacunary Statistical Equivalence of Functions on Amenable Semigroups
Pages 14-25
Author(s): Ömer Kişi, Burak Çakal
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On Nonclassical Impulsive Ordinary Differential Equations with Nonlocal Conditions
Pages 26-32
Author(s): S. A. Bishop, M. C. Agarana, J. G. Oghonyon
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Computing Lower Bounds of µ-Values for a Class of Rotary Electrical Machines
Pages 33-46
Author(s): Mutti-Ur Rehman, M. Fazeel Anwar
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Nonlinear Sequential Riemann-Liouville and Caputo Fractional Differential Equations with Nonlocal and Integral Boundary Conditions
Pages 47-63
Author(s): Suphawat Asawasamrit, Nawapol Phuangthong, Sotiris K. Ntouyas, Jessada Tariboon
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L2 -Uncertainty Principle for the Weinstein-Multiplier Operators
Pages 64-75
Author(s): Ahmed Saoudi, Imen Ali Kallel
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Diminishing Choquet Hesitant 2-Tuple Linguistic Aggregation Operator for Multiple Attributes Group Decision Making
Pages 76-104
Author(s): Ismat Beg, Raja Noshad Jamil, Tabasam Rashid
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Left and Right Generalized Drazin Invertibility of an Upper Triangular Operator Matrices with Application to Boundary Value Problems
Pages 105-121
Author(s): Kouider Miloud Hocine, Bekkai Messirdi, Mohammed Benharrat
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Generalized Convex Function and Associated Petrovic’s Inequality
Pages 122-131
Author(s): A. Ur. Rehman, G. Farid, Vishnu Narayan Mishra
Abstract | PDF

Applying AHP in Evaluation of Vietnamese Commercial Banks
Pages 132-166
Author(s): Thanh-Tuyen Tran
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